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Site access & planned outages

Visit our sites efficiently, safely and securely by using our Site Access application.

Our site access protocols safeguard our visitors, sites and services, and ensure that BAI Communications remains at the forefront of advances in site safety management.


  • visitor profile management
  • intuitive user experience
  • fast application process
  • preservation of safety on site

To download the mobile app, select the relevant link below:

Register and create a profile for ongoing submission of Site Access Requests (SARs).

Next steps

1 Create a profile in the application using a computer or smart device, and an existing Microsoft, Google or LinkedIn account.

2 If you don’t already have one of these accounts, you will need to create one.

3 For ease of access, you will use the same password that you use for the account you have chosen (Microsoft, Google or LinkedIn).

Prequalify for relevant work types, including skills, certificates, and licenses.

Next steps

1 Select the ‘My Skills and Inductions’ tile, complete the General Induction, and acknowledge any BAI Communications Policies.

2 Evidence of specific skills will be required for certain work types; add your skills and upload evidence of your qualifications.

3 Await review and approval by BAI Communications before submitting a Site Access Request (SAR).

4 Keep your skills and qualification information up-to-date to ensure no delays accessing site.

Climber authorisation

Each member of a rigging team must have been prequalified and supplied the following evidence:

  • Elevated Work Certificate
  • Tower Rescue Certificate
  • RF/EME Awareness Certificate
  • High Risk Work License – Rigging (if applicable)
  • Construction Induction (white card)
  • First Aid Certificate
  • CPR Certificate
  • Medical Certificate (important: requirements are age-specific)

Your safety is paramount; take the time to read our Requirements for Working at Heights and Rigging document.

Should you require further information please contact our HSE team on +61 (0)2 8113 4666.

Submit Site Access Requests (SARs) for the date, time and work types required.

Next steps

1 Select the ‘Site Access Request’ tile and enter your Site & Schedule details.

2 Enter the Work Type Details, and add the visitors that will be attending site with you (visitors must be registered in the application and appropriately qualified).

3 Upload any documentation required to help BAI Communications process your SAR, including:

  • Scope of Work (SOW)
  • Method of Procedure (MOP)
  • Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) for tower climbs and installation works

(if your SAR requires an outage, include an Outage Request form with your submission)

4 Add any additional information for BAI to consider as part of its review, and submit your SAR.

Notice periods

The following notice is required to process your application:  

General inspections or planned maintenance activity (excluding construction or climbing)3 business days
Escorted access5 business days
General works or tower access10 business days
Works requiring any planned outage to existing services on site21 business days
Note: for details about climbing-related requirements, see the ‘Prequalify’ section.

Emergency access

Lodge a SAR via the usual process, disregarding notice periods, and note the site access reference number when your application is submitted.

Follow up with a phone call using the below guidelines:

  • Business hours (08:00 – 18:00 Mon-Fri) – contact Planned Outages & Access Team on 1300 224 022 option 2
  • After hours (18:00 – 08:00 Mon-Fri, weekends and NSW/National public holidays) – contact 1300 224 022 option 1

Quote your site access reference number and advise that emergency access is required. The Planned Outages & Access team or the SMC will review the request, obtain any additional information necessary and initiate BAI’s expedited access process.

Customer projects

Visitors need a BAI Project number to perform any customer construction project work on BAI Communications sites except for:

  1. Site inspection visits
  2. Maintenance of existing equipment
  3. Urgent fault repairs

Your BAI Project number must be provided when submitting your SAR. If you do not have a Project number, please contact your Account Manager.

Review and acknowledge Site Information for awareness of special requirements or updates.

Next steps

1 Review any site access restrictions currently in place for the site. A Site Access Restriction is put in place when all or part of the site is not able to be accessed.

If you have concerns or questions relating to a Site Access Restriction – contact the Service Management Centre (SMC) on 1300 224 022.

Log on and off site via the application to ensure ‘people on site’ data accuracy.

Next steps

1 Select the ‘Log On / Log Off’ tile and the relevant Site Access Request, to log on and off site.

2 Review and acknowledge any Essential Site Information and Site Safety Information.

3 Before logging off site, record details of any hazard(s) you have noticed to ensure they can be effectively managed by BAI Communications.

4 Call the Service Management Centre (SMC) on 1300 224 022 when you log-off site to ensure there are no active alarms onsite.

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