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Promoting a safe and healthy work environment

At BAI Communications, health and safety are at the heart of our strategy and decision-making. From understanding our risks, to ensuring people have the correct equipment, and to training so they have the skills and knowledge to work safely.

Our goal is to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all employees, visitors and contractors, so we integrate our safety principles with all our work practices. Our safety framework is informed by continual engagement with all stakeholders, benchmarking against industry leaders, due diligence and legal compliance obligations.

We make safety a personal priority to help ensure everyone goes home safe every day.

Investing in the future

BAI leaders continually work to ensure that an uncompromising commitment to health and safety flows through the organisation.

We are committed to identifying and addressing hazards and risks in the workplace actively, and are committed to providing safe workplaces, products and services. We aim to embed a high standard of health and safety practices in all tasks for all stakeholders.

BAI constantly invests in the latest equipment to help keep our people safe. From trailing anti-fatigue glasses that alerts the driver if they become drowsy, to a stair-climbing heavy lifter capable of lifting heavy batteries, BAI aims to prevent injuries and provide high-quality equipment to our people.

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Policies and standards

Underpinning our activities is a suite of policies and fully certified integrated systems accredited to various Australian and international standards:

Member of the FSC OHS Scheme

We are the only FSC-accredited broadcast managed service provider in the country. Our Broadcast Services division was accredited under the Federal Safety Commissioner’s (FSC) Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) scheme in 2012 – a requirement for all government-funded construction programmes with a value of over $4 million. Under this heavily audited scheme, we successfully delivered the Spectrum Restack Program with zero lost time injuries – a significant achievement for a high-risk project involving 200 workers across 426 sites nationally.

The division also takes part in the Australian Government’s Trusted Information Sharing Network (TISN) for Critical Infrastructure Resilience. A dedicated Risk and Internal Audit Manager assesses and maintains appropriate actions and accreditations across our business.

Aerial view of a BAI Communications tower in rural Australia.
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Help shape the future of connectivity

When you work at BAI Communications, you are part of a talented team driven by the pursuit of excellence and a shared purpose.

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