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Keep Australians informed and entertained with our radio and television transmission network and broadcast services.
Looking up at a red and white transmission tower at night.

Australia is home to thriving communities big and small. But in a country so vast, sharing their stories and keeping people in those communities informed can be costly and technologically complex.

It’s a challenge BAI Communications gladly takes on. We provide analogue and digital radio and television coverage to more than 99% of Australians through 741 transmission sites across the country, used by public and commercial broadcasters to deliver 127 million hours of content each year. Our innovative network designs, expert deployments, and management and operations support keep you connected to your audience — and focused on advancing your core business.

We proudly provide services to major Australian broadcasters, including: ABC, SBS, WIN and Southern Cross Austereo.

Broadcast services

Public broadcasters promote cultural identity, provide independent news, connect remote communities, and support media diversity, all while fulfilling a public service mandate.

Why BAI is the right partner

We are trusted to support Australia’s biggest public and commercial broadcasters, designing, building and operating network services for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) and Southern Cross Austereo (SCA). We continually invest in our networks, people and technology to ensure the highest levels of availability and further our commitment to sustainability through reduced carbon emissions.
Transmission towers alongside a dirt road and wooden fence.

Technologies suited to broadcasters

Keep Australians informed and entertained with our radio and television transmission network and broadcast services.

Broadcast transmission services

If you watch TV or listen to the radio, then chances are you’re doing it through BAI Communications and one of our 741 transmission sites across Australia.


Expand the reach of your network without the major capital costs by leasing space in BAI’s co-location sites across Australia.

Private mobile networks

Support applications that require high data speeds and minimal latency with a reliable, secure and dedicated private 4G / 5G network.

Other products and services

Discover how our shared infrastructure and wireless solutions can help you realise your communications vision.


Modern communications tower juxtaposed with a timber fence line.

Upgrades to safeguard transmission sites during natural disasters

XPT train travels through rural Australia.

Addressing the rural digital divide

Mount Bellenden Ker cableway in Far North Queensland with transmission tower.

Mount Bellenden Ker cableway in Far North Queensland celebrates 50-year anniversary

Drone shot of flooding in a rural town in Victoria, Australia.

From the frontline: keeping services on-air during devastating Lismore floods

Map of Australia made up of blue digital icons with connected dots overlay in background.

Meet your connectivity needs with BAI

Reach out to one of our experts to discuss your current project and explore the products and services that are right for you.

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