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Expand the reach of your network without the major capital costs by leasing space in BAI’s co-location sites across Australia.
Image of a broadcast tower on a mountain top.

It takes time and significant capital investment to build on existing telecommunications infrastructure or network capabilities.

Those costs can be prohibitive for mobile network operators, public and commercial broadcasters, and government organisations looking to expand their reach.

With more than 300 locations across Australia, BAI’s co-location sites offer a path to rapid deployment without the major upfront costs. You can lease space on our towers and in our transmitter halls or use our portal services to build out your network capabilities or offer services to customers in more places.

To apply to use one of our sites please click here.

Key features

Icon of map of Australia with arrow circling to show national coverage of 99% of population

Vast and growing network

We maintain a growing portfolio of co-located sites, including transmitter halls and over 400 towers.
Icon representing flexible service centre circle connected to smaller circles and one cirlce by dotted line with wi-fi symbol coming from the centre circle on right

Flexible co-location options

House your racks and shelters in our facilities or use ours as an additional service.
24/7 monitoring icon of a magnifying glass over a graph

Continuous site monitoring

All our co-located sites are monitored 24/7 and include backup power and network redundancy.
Secure icon with padlock and cloud symbol

Secure site access

Strong protocols governing access to any of our sites protect our visitors, sites, and services.


Our co-location sites house and provide transmission capabilities to a range of technologies required by radio and TV broadcasters, telecommunications operators, and emergency service organisations. To offer the resilience and reliability these customers’ critical services demand, all our sites are built with back-up power, cooling systems and network redundancy. As well, 24/7 monitoring through our network operations centres ensures potential issues are detected and addressed before they can impact our services.

Flexible and scalable, our co-location packages can include everything from maintenance options to comprehensive, fully managed services. You can install your own racks and shelter at one of our sites, or lease space in our shelter or existing rack. Power sharing and connection to our back-up generators are also available as additional services.

Keeping our visitors, sites, and services safe is our top priority. That’s why we manage site access through strict protocols that ensure visitors can safely access our sites, are qualified for the work they plan to perform and are alerted to any safety issues. Our innovative site access app streamlines this process for customers through an intuitive user interface, simplified application, and secure visitor profile management.

Apply to use a site.

Co-location is a prime choice for these industries

BAI Communications is a trusted partner to mobile network operators, government organisations, and public and commercial broadcaster that use our infrastructure throughout Australia.
Icon: network operators

Network operators

Reach more customers in more places and improve service quality at lower cost than traditional network deployments.
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Keep Australians informed and entertained with our radio and television transmission network and broadcast services.

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Meet your connectivity needs with BAI

Reach out to one of our experts to discuss your current project and explore the products and services that are right for you.

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