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In-building coverage

Bring fast indoor mobile connectivity, full coverage and higher capacity to any building with a distributed antenna system (DAS).
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Our in-building solutions enhance wireless coverage in challenging environments.

Tenants expect fast, reliable mobile connectivity and full coverage throughout the buildings they live, work and do business in. But signals from outdoor base stations aren’t always strong enough to penetrate a building’s walls or underground, leading to dead spots and reduced capacity. From stadiums to office buildings, BAI Communications optimises cellular connectivity by strategically deploying antennas. Stay connected wherever you are, thanks to our comprehensive DAS networks. 

Key features

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Dedicated indoor coverage

Extend 4G/LTE or 5G public mobile coverage and improve speed and capacity throughout any building.
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Shared infrastructure and MCF compliant

Our DAS designs comply with MCF standards, ensuring all MNOs can connect to our DAS infrastructure simultaneously to improve in-building coverage.
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Custom built

Tailored to your building, our DAS designs bring required coverage with discreet installations for every indoor environment.
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Multiple DAS variants

Passive, active and hybrid DAS infrastructure support a broad range of in-building mobile connectivity needs.


At BAI, we do more than provide the DAS infrastructure. Our end-to-end offering starts with an evaluation of your unique needs, assessing the current mobile coverage in your building to determine your exact requirements. We then design a DAS that will bring fast speeds and enough capacity to every target coverage area, based on how many users will be connected. Our designs follow MCF standards, ensuring all MNOs can connect their equipment to your DAS network using Australian mobile spectrum bands.

BAI experts will install all on-site equipment — from combiners and cables to splitters and antennas — in the most unobtrusive and effective areas. With every step overseen by our project managers, your deployment will stay on schedule with minimal disruption.

Once the infrastructure is in place, we’ll engage with and onboard the MNOs joining your DAS network. Our operations centre, staffed by highly qualified technicians, offers 24/7 real-time monitoring and support for all DAS elements, including full issue tracking and incident management. We regularly report on key performance indicators and how they compare to our service-level agreements, and our team is always available for any on-site inspections or repairs.

Opening up connectivity across sectors

Our solutions can bring full indoor mobile connectivity to buildings of all sizes, in any sector.
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Venues and property owners

Meet tenant, customer and fan expectations for high-quality wireless connectivity throughout your venue or property.
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Transport authorities

Offer a better passenger experience and optimise operations with robust wireless connectivity across your entire transport system.
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Network operators

Reach more customers in more places and improve service quality at lower cost than traditional network deployments.
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Heavy industry, supply chain and energy utilities

Enable your Industry 4.0 digital transformation with wireless connectivity solutions tailored to your exact requirements.
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Healthcare providers

Support better health outcomes and more efficient operations by ensuring staff can reliably communicate and access the data they need.

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Meet your connectivity needs with BAI

Reach out to one of our experts to discuss your current project and explore the products and services that are right for you.

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