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Critical communications services

More than 50 emergency services agencies and utilities rely on the highest level of accessibility, even in the harshest environments.
Image of a NSW rural firefighter surveying a burnt out bushfire zone.

When disaster strikes, reliable communication is essential.

In New South Wales, we are responsible for operating and maintaining one of the world’s largest critical communications networks. More than 50 emergency services agencies and utilities rely on the highest level of accessibility, even in the harshest environments. 

The NSW Telco Authority is responsible for coordinating the Public Safety Network (PSN) and has entrusted us to maintain its network across 400+ sites and counting. We monitor an average of 570,000 calls per day. 

Key features

Emergency light icon with exclamation mark in triangle to demonstrate critical communications services

50+ critical services

Managing communications for more than 50 emergency services.
High volume call monitoring icon which shows a bar graph and ascending arrow

High volume call monitoring

More than 100,000 calls are monitored every day.
white globe icon surrounded by six sided hexagon with circles in each corner to convey world leading service

World leading service

One of the world’s largest critical communications networks.
Terminal link icon terminal connecting boxes with solid lines and dotted lines

Terminal link

Connects over 65,000 vital terminals.


We offer full turnkey operate and maintenance (O&M) contracts for large critical communications networks. This means we conduct all the management of the network, while the emergency service owns the assets and infrastructure.

Our services include all reactive maintenance as well as preventative asset management with annual inspections of equipment and towers, site modifications and improvements and remote and on-site configuration changes.

A key function within is also our response to emergency situations. This may include direct responses to natural disasters such as floods and fires, as well as supporting the Emergency Serviced Organisations (ESO) during critical emergency situations.

For these situations, we have a range of response options, including deployment of generators, Cells On Wheels (CoWs – deployable small sites), through to custom site configuration or supplementation.

Some of the major functions that we offer include:

  • Around the clock network operations centre (NOC) that manages site and network alarms, response to incidents through remote management or deployment field technicians and management of planned change or outages. We also operate a disaster recovery NOC.
  • Level 2 engineering and higher order technical and specialist support to both the NOC team, plus the field technicians. They undertake both reactive work in support of these other teams, though to proactive management of the network in such areas as capacity and software management.
  • Interdisciplinary field operations. The network is supported by our highly skilled work force of technicians and additionally, we have a select number of skilled sub-contractors who provide specialist skills (e.g. climbing and rigging).
  • Comprehensive service management. Importantly we also take care of our broader customer base. This includes our main customer, the NSWTA, plus a range of ESOs and other agencies. This is done through functions such as our customer service desk, our change management capability and lastly situational awareness – keeping our eyes on the bigger picture to provide proactive support as much as we can.

Critical communications services are a prime choice for these industries

More than 50 emergency services agencies and utilities rely on the highest level of accessibility, even in the harshest environments.
Icon: government and municipalities

Governments, cities and communities

Transform into a smart city, community or precinct with connectivity solutions that support smarter services, more efficient operations and better living.
Icon: broadcast


Keep Australians informed and entertained with our radio and television transmission network and broadcast services.

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