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Who we work with

Network operators

Reach more customers in more places and improve service quality at lower cost than traditional network deployments.
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It takes a lot of capital and labour to deploy and maintain network infrastructure.

That’s especially true in a country as vast and geographically challenging as Australia. It’s why many Australian network operators are rethinking the traditional approach of deploying and managing their own network infrastructure.

Shared infrastructure lets you improve your reach and deliver a better customer experience — without the costs, risks or burden of infrastructure management. BAI is a trusted and experienced shared infrastructure provider, making extensive and ongoing infrastructure investments across Australia you can use to accelerate 5G adoption, prepare for future technologies and grow your business.

Applications and use cases

Offer better service with neutral host infrastructure

Why BAI is the right partner

Because we’re a Tier 1 integrator and operator of public and private wireless connectivity systems, you can be confident our solutions are high quality, high performance and low risk. We draw on decades of experience designing, deploying and operating shared network infrastructure across Australia — and around the world through our sister company, Boldyn Networks (previously BAI Communications in the Northern Hemisphere).
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Technologies suited to network operators

Reach more customers in more places and improve service quality at lower cost than traditional network deployments.


Expand the reach of your network without the major capital costs by leasing space in BAI’s co-location sites across Australia.

In-building coverage

Bring fast indoor mobile connectivity, full coverage and higher capacity to any building with a distributed antenna system (DAS).

Private mobile networks

Support applications that require high data speeds and minimal latency with a reliable, secure and dedicated private 4G / 5G network.


Provide high-quality, high-capacity wireless connectivity to citizens, visitors, and tenants with Wi-Fi networks.

Base station hotels

Lease space in a shared base station hotel to lower deployment costs and connect to sites more quickly.


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Powering and advancing Australia’s connectivity landscape

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Futureproofing Australia starts with solidifying its foundational connectivity infrastructure

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BAI Communications Australia partners in innovative Open RAN workgroup to improve mobile coverage across rural and regional New South Wales

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Meet your connectivity needs with BAI

Reach out to one of our experts to discuss your current project and explore the products and services that are right for you.

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