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Private mobile networks

Support applications that require high data speeds and minimal latency with a reliable, secure and dedicated private 4G / 5G network.
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We have experience delivering private mobile networks across a wide range of industries.

Whether it’s for industrial automation, smart cities, or enterprise applications, our solutions offer secure, high-speed connectivity. We work closely with clients to design, deploy, and manage private networks that enhance efficiency and productivity. 

Key features

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Dedicated network

A closed network ensures only your devices and users have access, guaranteeing high performance.
High speeds low latency icon showing an odometer with movement lines to show speed this is a benefit of a private mobile network 5g

High speeds, low latency

A private 5G network provides a robust connectivity backbone for applications requiring ultra-reliable low-latency communication.
Enhanced mobility icon showing circles moving around a circle enhanced mobility is a feature and benefit of private mobile networks 5g

Enhanced coverage

Provides up to 5x–10x more coverage compared to Wi-Fi, using licenced spectrum for greater reach and reliability.
Robust security icon showing a locked padlock with connectors coming out of the bottom to demonstrate the robust security you get with a private mobile network 5g solution

Robust security

5G employs end-to-end security with strong security algorithms and traffic encryption for even greater protection.


BAI works with you from end to end to deliver your private mobile network: from identifying your specific connectivity needs and delivering a tailored solution to providing full management and support.

Up front, we can help you assess your current wireless and other connectivity technologies and build a business case that highlights operational improvements and cost savings that can be achieved with a private mobile network. Then we’ll work with you to design a private mobile network for your business, developing a solution architecture and coverage plan that meets your requirements. We bring all the skills required to build a private wireless network and act independently of public network operators, leading to shorter build times. We also fully manage your dedicated spectrum on your behalf, oversee the build to get your network up and running as fast as possible.

Once your private network is in place, we can help integrate your devices and applications. We also manage all critical network functions from our Network Operations Centre (NOC) – while you maintain full visibility across your network. Fully scalable to adjust as your needs grow, our 5G networks are proactively maintained which anticipates problems before they can affect service.

Private mobile networks are a prime choice for these industries

No matter what sector you’re in or the services you provide, a private mobile network from BAI Communications can support your critical applications.
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Venues and property owners

Meet tenant, customer and fan expectations for high-quality wireless connectivity throughout your venue or property.
Icon: transport

Transport authorities

Offer a better passenger experience and optimise operations with robust wireless connectivity across your entire transport system.
Icon: manufacturing

Heavy industry, supply chain and energy utilities

Enable your Industry 4.0 digital transformation with wireless connectivity solutions tailored to your exact requirements.
Icon: healthcare

Healthcare providers

Support better health outcomes and more efficient operations by ensuring staff can reliably communicate and access the data they need.
Icon: government and municipalities

Governments, cities and communities

Transform into a smart city, community or precinct with connectivity solutions that support smarter services, more efficient operations and better living.
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Keep Australians informed and entertained with our radio and television transmission network and broadcast services.

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Meet your connectivity needs with BAI

Reach out to one of our experts to discuss your current project and explore the products and services that are right for you.

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