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Broadcast transmission services

If you watch TV or listen to the radio, then chances are you’re doing it through BAI Communications and one of our 741 transmission sites across Australia.
Looking up at a red and white transmission tower at night.

We provide reliable broadcast transmission services, connecting critical sites across Australia.

Our robust fibre networks, data centres, and base station hotels ensure seamless communication for broadcasters, emergency services, and other network users. Whether it’s broadcasting live events or transmitting essential data, we’ve got you covered. 

We proudly provide services to major Australian broadcasters, including: ABC, SBS, WIN and Southern Cross Austereo.

Key features

Icon of map of Australia with arrow circling to show national coverage of 99% of population

National coverage

We provide coverage to 99% of the population and deliver 127 million hours of broadcasting to Australian audiences each year.
Transmission tower icon representing our braodcast service offering DTV, AM, FM, DAB and radio for emergency

Broadcast services

Available broadcast services are DTV, AM, FM, DAB and radio for emergency.
24/7 monitoring icon of a magnifying glass over a graph

24/7 monitoring

24/7 monitoring by our Service Management Centre (SMC).
Digital TV transmission icon outline of TV with digital TV antenna in middle

Digital TV transmission

1,476 digital television transmission services nationwide.


We offer custom tailored transmission services that can suit many different levels of operations and management needs for our customers. We can provide network monitoring and operations and maintenance as well as SLAs.

Fully managed services

BAI provides an availability based contract supported by SLAs for broadcast transmission services, managing all aspects of the service including network monitoring, maintenance and fault response and asset management

Portal services

Customers are able to access BAI managed common broadcast infrastructure at transmission sites

Operations and maintenance (O&M)

BAI staff monitor and manage operations and maintenance of customer’s sites and assets.

Working as a trusted partner

We collaborate with the industry as a trusted adviser and partner, ensuring access to television and radio services, relied upon for information and entertainment. across the country.
Icon: government and municipalities

Governments, cities and communities

Transform into a smart city, community or precinct with connectivity solutions that support smarter services, more efficient operations and better living.
Icon: broadcast


Keep Australians informed and entertained with our radio and television transmission network and broadcast services.

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