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The power of private networks

Why private networks is ideal for enterprises

Private networks powered by 4G/5G cellular wireless technologies offer unparalleled capability and are backed by a huge commercial ecosystem.

In contrast, public networks often cannot meet extreme requirements for coverage, capacity, reliability, security, low latency, or low power devices. Private networks not only overcome these challenges but the now evolved ecosystem makes it feasible for use by organisations across a variety of sectors.

This whitepaper explores in-depth the reasons for deploying private cellular networks and why 4G/5G cellular technology is technically best suited for deploying private network.

Key factors that support private network deployment

The supplier ecosystem

Enterprises and industries can leverage the immensely capable, proven technology and huge supplier ecosystem of 4G/5G commercial cellular mobile for their own private network needs.

Spectrum availability

Spectrum licensing models globally are suitable spectrum for private cellular networks.

5G cellular's radio performance

Radios in 5G networks can be optimised to simultaneously support different uses: eMBB (enhanced mobile broadband), mMTC (massive machine type communications) and URLLC (ultra‐reliable and low).
“Collaboration is at the heart of how BAI operates. BAI has the expertise and experience in understanding customer pain points to develop the right solutions to address these by working with leading global vendors. BAI has extensive experience in designing and deploying public private partnership projects.”

Steve Farrugia

Chief Technology Officer, BAI Communications

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