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People at a concert use smartphones to capture images of lights and confetti.

Connected stadium: Technology enablers for stadiums of the future

At a glance

In recent years, the integration of live stadium experiences with the digital realm has grown significantly. Visitors now expect the ability to make calls, share images, and stream videos whenever they desire, regardless of simultaneous activities of other fans. They want venues to deliver immersive digital content, smart navigation, e-commerce choices and interactive experiences directly to their mobile devices or through kiosk solutions and signage.

Seamless connectivity facilitates the provision of rich, engaging event content and interactive digital experiences.

In our whitepaper titled ‘Technology enablers for stadiums of the future’, we delve into the transformative journey of stadiums, where cutting-edge digital infrastructure takes centre stage. Discover how state-of-the-art public and private networks are revolutionising the game both on and off the field, from the stands to the backstage.

Key takeaways

Stadiums are here to stay

Stadiums have always aimed to deliver immersive fan experiences and investments in them continue to this day. There are more than 10 stadiums which have an investment

Connected venues are the future

Modernisation will enhance visitor experience and operations through custom branded experiences - smart ticketing, live event info, improved media connectivity and more.

Comprehensive technology infrastructure is the backbone

From wireless communications and private 5G to edge computing and big data analytics, technology will help stadiums enhance the fan experience and increase
“Having connected over 250 marquee venues across the world, we have plenty of practical experience to draw on for this whitepaper. The result is a comprehensive and compelling guide for venue managers and technology leaders in the sports & entertainment business.”

Brendan O'Reilly

Group Chief Operations Officer, Boldyn Networks

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