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The building blocks of smarter, more connected communities

How are smart communities built?

In today’s modern cities, many of the services we take for granted are underpinned by an interconnected ecosystem of networks, sensors and devices. All work behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly.

Creating these ‘smart communities’ is a group effort. They require private‑public partnerships with investments and contributions from local businesses, government bodies and network infrastructure providers.

This report examines the interest in and understanding of smart communities by enterprises and venues in industries ranging from manufacturing and healthcare, to education and entertainment. It also looks at their willingness and preparedness to contribute to creating those communities. Its findings are based on a survey of enterprise and venue IT experts and senior decision makers across the United Kingdom and the United States.

Three key takeaways from the report

Smarter communities bring real benefits

Organisations understand the value of smart communities and are ready to partner with public and private stakeholders to build them.

Network upgrades are a critical step

Organisations recognise that network infrastructure is critical to unlocking the value of smart communities, but they often delay upgrading their own infrastructure.

Significant appetite for new technologies

Organisations are familiar with the technology needed to create smart communities and with the benefits of shared, collaborative network models.
“The results showed that respondents are overwhelmingly in favour of smarter, more intuitive public infrastructure and are willing to contribute to building it, but they need the right partners to help and enable them.”

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