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Hyperconnected London

How can London boroughs enable digital connectivity for today’s challenges?

Digital connectivity provides the foundation for innovation that can make places better for residents and local businesses. In today’s challenging environment, it has never been more important for local government to support communities with great connectivity that creates better places to live, work and visit. A combination of high-speed mobile and fibre connectivity needs to come together, to create a foundation of digital hyperconnectivity.

Whilst focussed on London, the report’s findings and recommendations will provide useful insight for all local authorities across the UK.

This report examines how London boroughs are improving digital connectivity and the challenges they face in delivering for residents and businesses. Borough practitioners explain how connectivity challenges are being addressed, and where they see the biggest opportunities for improving connectivity and using smart city solutions to improve the lives of residents and businesses.

Three key takeaways from the report:

Improving public services

Boroughs are ambitious for technology to improve their public services, including adult social care and management of air quality and climate risk.

Working with the private sector

There is an opportunity for boroughs to work more collaboratively with the private sector to improve fixed and mobile connectivity.

Making use of council assets

Effective use of the borough’s own assets – including ducting and street assets is an important aspect of improving connectivity.
“Our ability to respond and keep up to date with smart city innovations is fairly limited. If you have a great idea for smart city technology, it’s a complete waste of time if you haven’t got the digital capacity to enable it.”

Digital infrastructure lead at outer London borough

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