Mobilitie, a BAI Communications company and the leading wireless infrastructure provider in the United States, in partnership with ASM Global, will be bringing 5G speeds and connected infrastructure to the Pensacola Bay Center. This project is one of many joint ventures for Mobilitie and ASM Global in the U.S.

Mobilitie’s indoor neutral-host distributed antenna system (DAS) will provide optimal coverage and capacity to the 10,000-seat venue. The high-performance network will provide spectators with ubiquitous mobile coverage as they enter and exit the venue as well as enhance operational effectiveness, setting the stage for an optimal fan experience through the venue’s smart lighting and IoT systems, virtual reality (VR), artificial reality (AR), live visual effects (VFX), and more.

“This wireless upgrade will deploy next-generation connectivity that empowers Pensacola Bay Center to deliver real-time, immersive experiences to audiences at the venue and beyond,” said ASM Chief Commercial Officer Jason Oberlander. “We’re thrilled with our partnership with Mobilitie – the company has once again proven itself to be an outstanding partner with an impressive team that continues to push the boundaries of technology.”

“As always, it’s a pleasure to work with ASM Global, who are dedicated in ensuring their venues have the connectivity they need today and into the future,” said Christos Karmis, CEO of Mobilitie. “Equipped with 5G speeds for the fastest possible connectivity, the venue will bring its fans the coverage and capacity they want – and deserve.  Mobilitie has a proven track record leading the industry with the deployment and operations of robust 5G wireless connectivity and we look forward to being a great partner with Pensacola Bay Center.”