Netskrt eCDN enhances BAI connected transport solution with high quality streaming video and improved overall Wi-Fi performance.

Netskrt Systems, the only provider of eCDNs for rail, air and other underserved locations, and BAI Communications (BAI), soon to rebrand as Boldyn Networks, and a designer, builder, and operator of shared communications infrastructure, today announced they will work together to enhance rail passengers’ onboard Wi-Fi experience, including offering them on demand and live video streaming services. BAI will integrate Netskrt’s eCDN for Rail solution, which deploys content delivery intelligence in the cloud and video caches on each train, with their connected transport solution to give rail operators a seamless, easy to deploy and manage connectivity solution.

Rail operators struggle to meet customer Wi-Fi expectations onboard trains that are traveling through the countryside at high speed, and lose cellular coverage in remote areas and tunnels.  IPSOS Passenger research suggests 41 % of all adults (16 – 75) and 64% of young people (16 – 35) would be more likely to consider taking the train over other modes of transport (e.g. car, plane, etc.), if train companies provided fast, reliable on-board Wi-Fi. Computer Weekly reports that for business travelers, this figure rises to 79%. Over the last few years, it has become even more difficult, as homebound consumers turned to streaming services for entertainment.  Now as they return to travel, consumers not only expect high quality Wi-Fi, they also want to watch their favorite streaming channels wherever they go.  Streaming video places higher demand on the limited internet bandwidth, and many operators have resorted to either severely rate limiting or even not allowing access to streaming services over their Wi-Fi to protect connectivity for other applications, such as email and web browsing.

BAI and Netskrt offer railway operators and their passengers an affordable and easy to deploy solution that lets them open-up access to onboard video streaming, reduces the load on the internet bandwidth, and improves overall Wi-Fi performance. The Netskrt eCDN system proactively stores on-demand content in the onboard software cache. When customers select popular content, it’s already onboard and instantly streams to their individual devices. This allows customers to continue watching programmes when they are going through tunnels or hard-to-reach network areas. Content is uploaded, in the station, or on the move, so the catalogue is updated regularly and passengers get access to the latest titles. And no matter how many passengers choose to watch that content, each title is only streamed to the onboard cache once, significantly reducing use of limited internet access bandwidth.

“At BAI, we are continuously advancing our connected transport solution with the latest industry innovations to provide secure, high speed cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity onboard trains, above and below ground, meeting customers’ evolving expectations for work and entertainment content access,” said Brendan O’Reilly, Group CTO at BAI Communications. ”Together we offer rail operators an easy path to enhancing their customer’s journey with on demand and live streaming video services”.

“We are excited to be working with BAI to enhance rail passengers’ onboard digital experience,” said Siegfried Luft, CEO and co-founder of Netskrt. “By adding our edge caching solution to BAI’s leading connected train solution, railway operators can ensure their WiFi supports the increasingly demanding customer desire to watch video streaming as they travel.“

Attendees of  SIFER, the international B2B railway technology conference and exhibition, March 28 – 30, 2023, in Lille Grand Palais, France, can learn more by visiting BAI at booth #3-203.