Broadcast Australia, a BAI Communications company, is pleased to extend coverage of DAB+ digital radio services in Darwin. Broadcast Australia commissioned DAB+ on behalf of the National Broadcasters – ABC and SBS and we are excited to share these services to Darwin listeners.

Broadcast Australia, Chief Technology Officer, Stephen Farrugia said “the technology offers a wide range of benefits to listeners including; enhanced audio quality for existing programs, an increased variety of radio stations and live text.”

“DAB+ bridges the gap between broadcast and digital technology to efficiently provide high quality audio to the audience without impacting their data downloads”.

“Our design incorporated a single shared multiplex model which combines digital signals from the National Broadcasters into one signal at the transmitter site. This design was implemented for the National Broadcasters for the first time for the launch of  DAB+ Canberra last month. There has been significant technical and operational knowledge gained from Canberra and we have seen these improvements in the rollout of DAB+ in Darwin.”

“The team has been working tirelessly to get the services up and running for the National Broadcasters in time for Christmas and we are proud to offer these new and enhanced National Broadcaster DAB+ programs to the top end of Australia” Farrugia said.

In 2009, DAB+ was launched to five capital cities, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Today, DAB+ reaches over 3.8 million Australians, covering 65% of the population and this will grow with the latest services being switched on in Canberra and Darwin.

Broadcast Australia will continue the rollout of DAB+ digital radio on behalf of the National Broadcasters in Hobart early next year.

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