BAI Communications has joined the 5G Media Action Group (5G MAG), an association designed to facilitate and foster the use of new technologies in the global media sector.

The development, deployment and evolution of innovative technologies, such as 5G, represents significant opportunities along the entire value chain for the media industry. 5G applications for the production and distribution of audio-visual media content and services have the potential to transform business operations, service delivery and user experience. Delivering truly connected – anytime, anywhere – communication and entertainment experiences.

“BAI Communications views 5G as a complementary technology to existing and proposed broadcast technologies, which will allow broadcasters to provide services direct to mobile broadband devices. In addition to being an efficient way to provide high demand, live content, 5G broadcast provides capacity for public safety organisations to deliver Mission-Critical Push-to-Talk and Mission Critical Video. The use of 5G broadcast in conjunction with a typical Mobile Network Operator’s (MNOs) unicast system can also optimise both capital and operational costs for the MNO’s,” said Stephen Farrugia, Chief Technology Officer, BAI Communications Australia.

New media related 5G capabilities such as 5G broadcast will require reliable wide area network coverage and compatible equipment such as user devices and chipsets. For this to happen a cross industry coordinated effort is imperative and will enable the transition from technical specifications to the deployment of 5G enabled services.

Globally, the 5G MAG provides a framework for various stakeholders including network operators, technology solution suppliers, R&D organisations, regulators and policy makers to address technical challenges, solutions, commercial opportunities and regulatory requirements for network infrastructure and services. The 5G MAG also encourages and supports innovative trials and the dissemination of results. These inputs shape its work in the exploration of 5G solutions for the sustainability and advancement of the media industry.

“BAI Communications looks forward to working as part of the 5G-MAG on a range of media related use cases for future 5G services,” added Stephen.