BAI Communications (BAI) has been awarded a 20-year concession by Transport for London (TfL) to deliver high-speed mobile connectivity across the capital in the most advanced and largest infrastructure project of its type in the world.


  • Modern multi-carrier infrastructure will allow mobile operators to immediately provide continuous 4G coverage to their customers across London Underground stations and tunnels and will be 5G ready.
  • The new network will be the most advanced and largest of its type in the world, helping to transform London’s economy and society, and fast-track London’s evolution as a smart city by helping to establish its smart communities.
  • BAI will establish a backbone of connectivity across London, connecting buildings and street assets via a new fibre network to deliver city-wide improvements.

BAI’s partnership with TfL will establish a long-awaited backbone of connectivity with a city-wide integrated communications network delivering multi-carrier cellular, Wi-Fi, and fibre connectivity services. The 4G-enabled and 5G-ready communications network that BAI will build and operate as a neutral host for fixed and mobile operators will fast-track London’s evolution as a smart city. BAI will also help to create a safer, smarter London by building and operating critical communications infrastructure that will support police, fire, and ambulance services.

The first phase of the project will see the rollout of modern multi-carrier infrastructure. This will allow fixed and mobile operators to immediately provide continuous 4G coverage to their customers across the London Underground stations and tunnels. The new wireless infrastructure will also be 5G ready. Work on the project will begin immediately, with all stations and tunnels due to have mobile coverage in four years.

Additionally, a new high-capacity fibre network running throughout the London Underground will enable fibre service providers to provide full fibre connectivity to premises across the city. The network will connect to buildings and street assets housing small cells to leverage the power of 5G and the IoT, and deliver improvements in areas like traffic congestion, public safety, and city planning.

Through this concession, BAI will help the transport authority support London’s post-covid recovery as travel resumes, delivering seamless 5G ready connectivity that will enable people to move around the city more efficiently, safely, and securely. More specifically, this project will enable TfL to reduce overcrowding and manage station flow, while improving safety with real-time information and reliable ‘from anywhere’ communications.

BAI was awarded the concession after a competitive tender process. The company has proven experience deploying mission critical communications networks in highly dense urban environments, including the underground rail networks in New York, Toronto, and Hong Kong. This project supports BAI’s strategic intent to sustainably accelerate growth globally. This is achieved through our work deploying outdoor neutral host infrastructure and developing 5G-driven offerings that introduce and scale connectivity solutions for emerging services and fresh revenue opportunities. Ultimately, our work supports our customers by delivering better connectivity and enhanced customer experiences. BAI’s ambitious plans include expanding its wireless infrastructure business across the public transport sector and growing its private network services portfolio.

Billy D’Arcy, CEO of BAI Communications UK, said: “We are proud to be helping TfL and other customers develop connectivity solutions that have a positive impact on how citizens live and work and contribute towards smart city development.

“Our extensive credentials delivering large-scale connected infrastructure and networking solutions position us perfectly to support mobile operators to deliver technological innovation and capitalise on the fast-growing commercial appeal of 5G solutions and smart city applications. The networks we design and build keep people and communities connected and engaged, as will be the result of TfL’s Connected London program and BAI’s  contribution to it.”

BAI’s Group CEO, Igor Leprince, added: “This critical infrastructure project awarded to BAI by TfL is an important win for our neutral host growth strategy. We are extremely proud to both work with TfL and enable the fixed and mobile operators to make London the best-connected city in the world. This project will benefit from our extensive experience and expertise in designing, building, and operating these networks in incredibly difficult environments and delivering 5G solutions and use cases that benefit businesses, citizens, and public services.”