BAI Communications appointed to manage the NSW Public Safety Network.

BAI Communications (BAI) is pleased to announce they have been appointed by the New South Wales (NSW) Government to operate and maintain the NSW Public Safety Network (PSN), a critical platform for government agencies, including public safety, law enforcement, and essential services on behalf of the NSW Telco Authority (NSWTA).

NSWTA leads sector-wide reform and delivery of government operational communications to meet the needs of its customers, in partnership with government agencies and industry. At the core of the Authority’s service delivery is meeting the day-to-day and mission critical operational communications needs of Emergency Services Organisations (ESO’s), government agencies and essential services. This includes managing the PSN, which is one of the world’s largest government radio networks, covering approximately 325,000 square kilometres.

“This network provides critical support and protection for frontline personnel and the NSW community during emergency situations and crises such as the devasting bushfires experienced during 2019-20,” said BAI Communications Australia CEO Peter Lambourne.

“We are honoured to continue and strengthen our partnership with NSWTA,” he added.

BAI Communications has a successful track record of working with NSWTA and the critical communications industry to respond to needs, solve problems, and drive innovation to keep people and places safe. BAI’s proactive approach and dedication was particularly visible throughout the Black Summer bushfires. During this relentless period BAI teams defended, reinforced, and repaired communications networks to ensure the continuity of the primary NSW emergency services communications network.

NSWTA is expanding the PSN footprint across NSW through the Critical Communications Enhancement Program (CCEP). The CCEP will increase shared coverage available to NSW Government agencies and essential services to cover 85 percent of the state and deliver 98 percent population coverage.

Importantly, under the contract BAI will implement a new service delivery model which is key to achieving this outcome. The new model will include the introduction and integration of proven tools and processes that will elevate the performance standards needed for the delivery of reliable and resilient services now and into the future.

“Our shared vision for the future operational model of the PSN means that, as the Managed Network Provider, BAI will transform the delivery of operations, maintenance, and client service functions across the network,” said Lambourne.

BAI is well placed to support NSWTA in the coming years as it expands and provides new capabilities to ESO’s and other government agencies.

“We look forward to supporting NSWTA through this changing and expanding landscape. Together we are delivering and developing services to benefit the community and state of New South Wales,” said Lambourne.