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BAI’s Wi-Fi solution

World-class wireless coverage for any indoor location.

Public access

Provide easy access to the internet and digital services for tenants, visitors and patrons.

Selective access

Deliver high-speed connectivity with restricted access to enterprise applications and systems.

Custom-built captive portal to set up user access

Customise the sign-up process to better understand user preferences; generate new revenue by showing sponsored advertising.

Configurable network policies

Establish service tiers for different kinds of users; manage network capacity to provide a more consistent wireless experience.

Bring coverage to every corner of your building with the right mix of indoor connectivity solutions

Wi-Fi is a crucial communications platform for providing people with connectivity when, where and how they need it.

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Why choose BAI Communications for your Wi-Fi solution?

Design: We apply smart planning and design practices that take into account existing mobile coverage, traffic load and performance requirements to develop a tailored Wi-Fi solution that works seamlessly alongside mobile networks for a cohesive user experience.

Deploy: By designing and installing the DAS and Wi-Fi system at the same time — and by leveraging shared infrastructure such as fibre optic cabling as a common backbone network — we make the deployment process more efficient to greatly reduce both time and cost.

Operate and maintain: A converged network management platform, backed by a network operations centre that is staffed by highly trained and qualified personnel, provides 24/7 real-time monitoring and support for your DAS and Wi-Fi systems to improve overall network reliability and the user experience.

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Meet your connectivity needs with BAI

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