The team at Mobilitie is thrilled to become a BAI company. Mobilitie and BAI are both leaders in the neutral host space. We both have experience operating some of the largest and most complex networks in the world. We come together with a shared focus on emerging technologies, especially small cells and 5G infrastructure. And we have a common vision for helping customers around the world realise their smart community goals.

This acquisition is an exciting development for Mobilitie because it will allow us to expand and speed up our deployment of wireless and wireline communications infrastructure solutions in the U.S. and positions us to better serve existing customers who have a global footprint. Going forward, we’ll be able to leverage the real-world understanding we share with BAI about what mobile network operators (MNOs), venue operators and transit authorities in different markets need.

Pursuing wider opportunities in the U.S. 

The neutral hosting model is well established in the United States and gaining traction worldwide. U.S. MNOs have been actively divesting infrastructure, such as cell towers, in recent years to embrace the cost efficiencies offered by the neutral model. Those efficiencies will be increasingly valuable as 5G continues to roll out. We already have around 10,000 small cell sites at Mobilitie alone, and 5G adoption will require another 500,000 across the country. With the backing of BAI, we’re in an excellent position to meet a significant portion of that demand. 

We’re also poised to capture more of the growing in-building neutral host market. Today, Mobilitie operates state-of-the-art in-building networks in over 250 of the largest marquee venues and buildings in the United States. We deploy private networks for enterprise and advanced manufacturing to support fast and secure operations for critical communications. Across the country, we work with leading hospitality and entertainment venues to design and deploy in-house, high-density Wi-Fi or DAS networks capable of supporting the most tech-intensive events. For example, we’re working with the 20,000-seat T-Mobile Arena, home of the Las Vegas Golden Knights, to deliver blazing-fast 5G connectivity for a richer fan experience at hockey games, UFC fights, other sporting championships and large-scale concerts.  

Many other professional sports teams such as the Kansas City Chiefs, Washington Wizards, Columbus Blue Jackets, Tampa Bay Rays and the LA Galaxy, have placed their trust in Mobilitie for record-breaking wireless coverage and data connectivity that assures an optimum experience for guests and fans alike. In addition, we operate one of the largest and most robust distributed antenna system (DAS) networks in the world at Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby race. 

These and other projects rely on a DAS approach that lets us deploy robust, centrally managed networks over extensive areas with no signal loss. DAS is especially critical for large venues, where walls and other internal obstructions make traditional wireless hard to implement effectively. We’re going to bring our DAS approach to more venues, institutions, campuses, enterprises and communities in the months and years to come. 

Advancing the smart community vision 

Our ongoing major project in the San Francisco Bay Area is a shining example of the smart community vision we share with BAI, built on a foundation of connected transit. The Bay area transit authority saw early on they had the chance to deploy not just a transit network but also the infrastructure for immersive public connectivity. The project includes a fibre loop around the Bay, as well as an array of small cells and indoor networks. From day one, we’ve collaborated closely with many partners, including the City of San Francisco, equipment manufacturers and MNOs, to deliver a neutrally hosted network with seamless coverage. 

Projects like this are massive undertakings, and it can take years to realise returns on the initial investment. The financial capacity of BAI makes it possible to take a long-term collaborative approach to building out infrastructure and getting it right. Combining our expertise, team, and technical resources with BAI’s will help us carry out ventures like San Francisco Bay in other centres. 

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Value for every customer segment 

As we move forward, we’ll expand our capabilities and knowledge to deliver the results our customers are looking for most. For MNOs, that means financial savings, the opportunity to focus on developing new 5G services and improve their customer experience. 5G infrastructure requires substantial capital, but MNOs recognise they’re much better off investing in other parts of their business. 

For venue operators, we’ll continue to offer the convenience of a single coverage provider and support for operational devices and specific mobile apps where needed — while ensuring infrastructure is placed, coloured and camouflaged as invisibly as possible to keep the venues themselves aesthetically pleasing. 

For cities and municipalities, we’ll keep ensuring our solutions are designed, installed, connected, and operated in ways that are acceptable to citizens and help close the digital divide that COVID-19 in part exposed. 

We also see end-users as our customers, too — even if we’re unseen and unknown by them. Our goal is to ensure they have the best possible network experience. 

Smart venue, transit and community opportunities are huge. We’re ready to deliver the infrastructure to help our customers and partners seize them. Mobilitie and BAI are 100% aligned technically, business-wise, and people-wise. We’re looking forward to growing our team and our business with BAI and can’t wait to embark on this next phase of our journey.