As we celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, we had the privilege of hearing from Anna Kosiba, one of our dedicated Broadcast Technician (BT) Apprentices.

Anna’s journey from being a novice in electronics to becoming an integral part of the industry is both inspiring and enlightening. Let’s dive into her experiences, insights, and the importance of apprenticeships for the skills of the future.

Anna Kosiba - Broadcast Technician pictured jack hammering

The best thing about the job?

Anna’s eyes light up when she talks about her work. “The best thing about my job,” she says, “is the opportunity to get out of the city regularly.” As a BT Apprentice, Anna isn’t confined to a desk or a cubicle. She’s out there, hands-on, working on real-world projects. But it’s not just the fresh air that excites her; it’s the responsibility. “We’re entrusted with critical tasks,” Anna explains. “Knowing that what we do matters—that’s incredibly satisfying.”

From Grinch to Electronics Enthusiast

Anna candidly admits that when she applied for this apprenticeship, she was “as green as the Grinch” when it came to electronics. But that didn’t deter her. “The best part,” she reflects, “has been discovering a whole new ‘world’ that I didn’t even know existed.” Anna’s journey has been one of continuous learning. “Understanding how relevant electronics are to our everyday lives,” she adds, “has made me more independent and confident.”

And it’s not just theory. Anna’s newfound knowledge extends beyond the workplace. “I’ve started working on my own car,” she mentions. “And repairing appliances—I never thought I’d be doing that!” The practicality of her skills brings her satisfaction. “Plus,” she adds, “it saves a lot of money.”

Apprenticeships: Building self-sufficiency

Why are apprenticeships crucial for the skills of the future? Anna has a clear answer. “Apprenticeships and trades contribute to self-sufficiency,” she emphasises. In a world increasingly dependent on electronics and communication platforms, we need skilled professionals who can roll up their sleeves and get things done. “We’re the ‘boots on the ground,’” Anna says. “We ensure that consumers receive dependable services.”

Anna’s on-the-job training has allowed her to be part of something significant. “It’s a cool way to learn,” she concludes. “And it’s not just about learning; it’s about shaping the future.”

So, as we celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, let’s celebrate apprentices like Anna—who bridge the gap between theory and practice, between classrooms and real-world impact. Their dedication and passion are the building blocks of a brighter, more connected tomorrow.

Note: Anna Kosiba’s relocation from Perth to Adelaide was a testament to her commitment to learning and growth, and she’s certainly reaping the rewards. 

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