Meet the people driving BAI’s growth and strategy for our telecommunications business. Our team shares what they envision for the future and how growth will be achieved in this blog series.

Nick Gurney, Telecommunications Director started with BAI in January 2022, he is responsible for planning and executing the growth strategy for the telecommunications team. Nick is instrumental in showcasing BAI’s expertise and innovations as we facilitate and advance the densification and extension of networks, working across multiple technologies and use cases to ensure communities across Australia have ubiquitous coverage. Get to know more about Nick:

What interests you most in your role at BAI?

What I find most interesting is the opportunity to be part of a growth business within an existing successful business. My team and I drive a strategy that leverages the extensive local capabilities from our very successful broadcast and network infrastructure side of the business. Additionally, we bring the leading wireless solutions BAI is delivering globally in transit, venues, smart cities, private networks, and our shared infrastructure services to the Australian market.

What is your vision? Why will it be successful? How will you recognise success?

The vision is to further grow the telecommunications side of the company through a very focused strategy in the emerging wireless space to double the current size of the business. Our success will be built on our great team which we are still looking to grow, a range of innovative solutions, and strong commercial propositions for our customers. Success will be progressively measured through our customer projects, value delivered and brand recognition in the telecommunications space.

What success or failures might happen along the way?

While we do not have a crystal ball to set out a perfect plan and future, we have a solid strategy with tangible and achievable targets that will track our progress. We expect great successes but also setbacks which we will utilise to better navigate future challenges. Our team and strategy are fully supported by the BAI leadership.

What sort of culture exists / are you trying to build?

BAI today has a fantastic culture built by its smart, collaborative, high achieving, and personable people. While many companies state they are a great place to work, BAI has a great track record to show for it. We have a strong People and Culture team working closely with our people and the leadership team to continually improve this culture as we grow and develop new capabilities.

How do you motivate your team? How does your team collaborate?

This is an easy question; we are working in the most exciting and rewarding sector of the emerging mobile technology landscape. We are creating solutions that deliver clear value, accelerate transformation, and enable our customers, and their customers to stay connected and do business more seamlessly. Our team is motivated by the challenge and being part of a high growth team on the leading edge of connective technology.

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