Meet the people driving BAI Communications’ growth and strategy for our telecommunications business. In this blog series, hear from our team as they share what they envision for the future and how growth will be achieved.

Curtis Rondeau, General Manager, Product and Solutions at BAI, was born and raised in Canada. At 20 years old, he decided to travel the world and bought a one-way ticket to Hong Kong. Two years later he returned to Canada and a shortly after was offered a two-year role in Australia to be part of the team establishing the HFC (Foxtel) network. This two-year contract turned into becoming a permanent resident and subsequently citizen of Australia, building a family with two kids and having an amazing 28-year career in the Australian telecommunications sector. He recently joined BAI, bringing his wealth of experience and passion to fill a critical role to progress BAI’s telecommunications business.

Learn more about Curtis:

What are you responsible for in your current role at BAI?

My role at BAI is General Manager of Product and Solutions. I work with the greater telecommunications team to innovate, develop, design, and integrate a wide variety of solutions for our customers.

What attracted you to the role with BAI?

BAI is currently expanding its telecommunications division to help solve challenges currently faced by the mobile network operators and private enterprises. Solving them requires innovative thinking and relationship building to provide the right products and solutions tailored to the customer’s needs. I joined BAI because I wanted to be part of creating these solutions. I strive on taking on new challenges and look forward to working with the amazing local and global teams at BAI.

What’s the most exciting part of your job?

The most exciting part of joining BAI for me is all of the opportunities and challenges that exist within this ‘start-up’ side of BAI while having the stability, expertise and reputation of the existing successful business. And, of course, working with a great new team to deliver bleeding edge technology solutions to our customers.

What’s something you find challenging about your work?

Bringing new solutions and technology which very few organisations have executed prior is a challenge in itself. To be successful, you need to work closely with your team to overcome issues and find resolutions fast quickly and efficiently. Basically, you need to keep re-inventing yourself, never stop innovating and be open to change course.

What motivates you at work?

Being around other highly motivated people with the same passion to succeed is what drives me. I enjoy exchanging ideas, discussing concepts, and seeing final products and solutions come to life.

What’s something you’re proud of?

Coming to Australia by myself, not knowing anyone and building an amazing 28-year life – personally and professionally.

How do you collaborate with your team?

My favourite way to collaborate with my team is having a workshop. I feel this gives everyone the space and environment to participate as a team. In my experience, the best ideas have come from this approach!

Who inspires you?

Typical answer is my parents as they believed in me no matter what. However, the person who inspired me the most is Sir Edmond Hilary as I met him trekking in Nepal. We talked for a long time and his passion for mountains and helping others in Nepal was very inspiring – nothing is impossible if you believe in it!

What’s your most-used productivity hack?

My best productivity hack is to block out specific time in my calendar for when I need to finish something. COVID-19 resulted in many Teams Meetings which can fill your calendar pretty fast so it’s good to set some time aside to focus.

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