The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has released a report that offers a deep dive into the world of private wireless 4G and 5G networks with a focus on Australia.

The research found that there are over 50 private wireless networks already in operation in Australia, with more in planning stages. These networks are mainly in the mining and resources sector.

BAI’s Chief Technology Officer, Stephen Farrugia, Business Development Manager – Wireless Solutions, Adrian Ha and Marketing Director, Gabrielle Hall, provided input for the report, sharing insights into BAI’s participation in the Federal Government’s Australian 5G Innovation Initiative.

During this trial initiative, BAI provided a temporary 5G private network to a manufacturing facility in rural Australia enhancing its automation capabilities and enabling smart applications in challenging connectivity conditions.

The report forecasts a substantial increase in private wireless network deployments in the future, with a clear transition towards 5G technology adoption for advanced analytics, automation, and advanced-manufacturing technology. Overall, the domestic market for private wireless networks is expected to grow to nearly $700 million by 2027.

According to the ACMA, key factors in deploying private wireless networks are:

  • having a sound business case for digitising operations
  • assessing the cost and complexity of deploying a network at particular locations
  • securing spectrum at desired frequencies in particular locations
  • having access to a range of industrial-grade wireless equipment at suitable frequencies.

For access to the full report, visit the ACMA website: Market study: private wireless networks using 4G or 5G | ACMA